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Speedy Current Affairs PDF

By clicking the link provided below, you can download the monthly book “Speedy Current Affairs 2023” and its annual version (May 2022 to May 2023) in PDF format. By selecting the download button, you can also download the yearly edition in PDF format.

Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023

Speedy Publications‘ “Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023” focuses on several competitive examinations. It gives in-depth knowledge on current events, significant facts, and a collection of pithy and straightforward questions. The book is intended to meet the demands of those getting ready for competitive exams.

For a variety of competitive tests, including the SSC (Staff Selection Commission), banking exams, railroad exams, UPSC (Union Public Service Commission), and state-level competitive exams, “Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023” is helpful. The book is a comprehensive compendium of major current situations in sports, including the economics, awards and honors, and national and worldwide events.

The book’s goal is to aid applicants in their preparation for competitive examinations by giving them in-depth treatment of current events subjects. It seeks to keep readers up to speed on the most recent occurrences and advancements in both the domestic and global arenas. For competitive examinations with a current events element on the syllabus, this can be especially helpful.

Overall, the “Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023” is a useful tool for people who want to improve their knowledge and remain current with current events in preparation for various competitive tests at the state and national levels.

This Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023 provides comprehensive information on significant domestic and international events, significant military drills, issues pertaining to international organizations, state governors, chief ministers, and capitals, the federal budget, various federal and state government programs, significant days, and comprehensive coverage of the Ramser site. The book provides solutions to problems from earlier recruiting examinations, which will be helpful for forthcoming competitive exams.

A collection of more than 2200 one-liner and objective questions may be found in the Speedy Current Affairs 2023 book. Additionally, it includes significant current affairs, national and international events, sports, recent appointments, the economy, politics, art, and culture, as well as current affairs-related objective questions with in-depth explanations that can help you pass different competitive tests.

Speedy Current Affairs Book 2023 PDF Download in Hindi and English

Speedy May 2023 (Hindi) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy May 2023 (English) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy April 2023 (Hindi) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy April 2023 (English) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy March 2023 (Hindi) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy February 2023 (Hindi) Current AffairsCLICK HERE
Speedy January 2023 (Hindi) Current AffairsCLICK HERE

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