Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download 2023

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Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download

In a number of states or areas, the PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) test is held to select police personnel at the sub-inspector level. The material and exam format may change depending on the hiring authority. Here is a general description of the PSI exam, though:

Exam Format:

The preliminary exam, which is the initial step in the hiring process, usually comprises of questions of an objective nature. It evaluates a candidate’s understanding of topics like general knowledge, current events, the English language, reasoning, and quantitative aptitude.
Primary Exam: Those who pass the preliminary exam move on to the primary exam. The primary examination, which covers subjects including general studies, general English, regional language, and law, is typically broken up into many papers.

Candidates who pass the main exam must take the Physical Efficiency Test (PET), which consists of exercises like jogging, long jumping, high jumping, etc.
Personal Interview: Selected PET candidates may be contacted for a personal interview to determine whether they are a good fit for the post.

PSI Question paper with Answer in Kannada PDF


General knowledge and current affairs include current affairs, issues of local, national, and global significance, as well as science, technology, sports, and other activities.
Grammar, vocabulary, comprehension, sentence construction, error detection, etc. in the English language.
thinking includes logical and analytical thinking, puzzles, coding-decoding, and verbal and non-verbal reasoning. [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]

Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download

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Number system, fractions, decimals, percentages, averages, ratios, time and distance, time and effort, profit and loss, etc. are all examples of quantitative aptitude.
General Studies: physics, geography, social studies, economics, politics, history, and more.
Law: Indian Evidence Act, Criminal Procedure Code, Indian Penal Code, Indian Constitution, etc.

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Why Using Question Papers from Earlier Years Is Beneficial

Exam familiarity: Candidates can gain knowledge of the exam format, question kinds, and degree of difficulty by studying previous years’ exam questions. This helps them become accustomed to the exam’s format and mentally gets them ready for what to expect.

PSI old Question Papers PDF

  • Determine Important Topics: Candidates can determine reoccurring topics or concepts that have been repeatedly tested in exams by reviewing question papers from prior years. They can then focus on the most crucial aspects of their preparation and organise it accordingly.
  • Time management: Candidates can exercise time management by answering questions from prior years’ exams. They are able to estimate the typical amount of time needed to answer each question and adjust their exam strategy accordingly. This enables them to devote the proper amount of time to various
  • In conclusion, practising PSI exam questions from past years is very helpful since it enables test takers to familiarise themselves with the format of the exam, pinpoint key concepts, practise time management, evaluate their own preparation, and come up with a winning exam plan. It is advised to incorporate answering questions from prior years’ test questions in your overall exam preparation plan.

PSI Question Paper in Kannada


Depending on the state or hiring body, the PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) exam’s format may change. Here is a general description of the exam format, though:

Examining first: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]

Format: Multiple-choice (Objective-type) questions
The preliminary examination normally covers the following topics:
general information current events
Language Reasoning in English
numerical aptitude
Total Points: The total score for the preliminary exam can change, although it often ranges from 100 to 200 points.
Exam time: The exam lasts between one and two hours on average.

Primary Exam:

Format: The main test is often administered using a descriptive format that calls for detailed written responses from applicants.
The primary exam will include a variety of topics, such as:
Generally Speaking[Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
Regional forms of general English, such as the state’s native tongue
Law (pertaining to a certain state or area)
Total Marks: Although the total score for the main exam can change, it is normally greater than the score for the preliminary exam, typically between 200 and 400 points.
The length of the main exam might vary, and each paper typically has a set allotment of time.

Karnataka psi question paper pdf download 2020

Test of Physical Efficiency (PET):

  • Candidates must take a Physical Efficiency Test (PET) after passing the main test.
    The PET consists of a variety of physical activities, including jogging, long jumping, high jumping, and other exercises.
    Depending on the recruitment authority or state, the particular requirements for the PET, including the tasks, durations, and scoring criteria, may change.
    a one-on-one interview [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Candidates that pass the PET test might be contacted for a face-to-face interview.
    The interview determines if a candidate is qualified to be a police sub-inspector.
    Senior police officers, subject matter experts, and psychologists could be on the interview panel.
  • Negative marking: Some PSI tests may include a system of negative marking, which subtracts a set amount of points for each erroneous response. If there is a possibility of receiving negative marks, it is crucial for applicants to use caution when answering the questions.
  • Document Verification: Following the written exam, candidates who pass the preliminary, main, and PET examination phases must go through document verification. This entails confirming the validity of the candidate’s academic credentials, age verification, caste/category certificates (if necessary), and other necessary documents.
  • Medical Exam: Candidates who successfully complete the written exam, PET, and document verification phases of the PSI selection process are typically required to have a medical exam. The goal of the medical examination is to determine whether the candidate is physically and mentally fit according to the requirements established by the hiring authority. [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Final Merit List: Based on a candidate’s performance in the written exam, PET, personal interview, and any other relevant phases, the final merit list is created. The merit list establishes the candidates’ rank or position and acts as the foundation for selection and appointment.
  • Training: After being chosen for the PSI post, candidates are typically required to complete a training course at the police school or training facility. The goal of the training programme is to provide applicants with the professional abilities, knowledge, and skills required to carry out the tasks of a police sub-inspector. [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • It is crucial to keep in mind that the specifics of the exam format, such as the subjects, marks allotted for each, duration, potential negative marking, and other phases, may change based on the hiring authority and the state or location for which the PSI exam is administered. For accurate and up-to-date information about the exam pattern and selection process, candidates should consult the official notification or information pamphlet given by the recruitment authorities.
  • It is advised that applicants thoroughly prepare for each phase of the selection process by learning the pertinent material, working through sample test questions from prior exams, strengthening their physical fitness, and honing their communication and interview skills. The likelihood of passing the PSI exam will increase with thorough exam preparation. [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]


The PSI (Police Sub-Inspector) test syllabus may change depending on the hiring organisation and the state or region for which the exam is administered. To give you a rough idea of what is often covered in the PSI exam syllabus, here it is:

  • Knowledge in general and current events
  • History of India [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
    Geographical India
    Politics and government in India
    Economy of India
    Research and Development
    (National and International) Current Events
    Sports Honours and Awards
    Authors and Books
    Significant Dates and Days
    British English:
  • Grammar of the Vocabulary (Speech Parts, Tenses, Articles, etc.)
    sentence structure
    Annotations and Synonyms
    Idioms and Expressions
    Reasoning: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Verbal Analysis
    Intuitive Reasoning
    Analytical Thought
    Logical Analysis
    Relationships of Blood Direction Sense
    Syllogism Puzzles
  • Indian Politics and the Constitution:
  • Fundamental Rights and the Preamble
    Directive Elements of Government Policy
    State and federal governments
    Judiciary, Judicial Review, State Legislature, and Parliament
    Institutions of the Panchayati Raj and local government
    Emergency Provisions for the Election Commission and the Electoral System
    Amendments to the Constitution
    Science: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Physics (Principles, Laws, and Concepts at a Basic Level)
    Chemistry: acids and bases, reactions, elements, compounds, etc.
    Biology (cell structure, systems of the human body, wellness and disorders, etc.)
    Environmental Science (Pollution, Environmental Concerns, Conservation)
    Knowledge of computers:
  • Computer Terminology and Basics
    Devices for Input and Output
    Running Systems
    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from MS Office
    Web and Internet Technologies
    Virus protection and computer security
  • aptitude for numbers: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Simplified Number System Percentage
    Average Proportion and Ratio
    Work and Time
    Distance and time
    Gains and Losses
    Interest, both simple and compound
    Interpreting data
    Basic Studies: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • India’s History and Culture
    Location of India
    Politics and government in India
    Science and Technology in the Indian Economy Environmental Science Disaster Management
    Social Concerns, Human Rights, and Current Affairs
    Law: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • IPC (Indian Penal Code)
    Code of Criminal Procedure
    Indian Evidence Act Indian Constitution
    laws pertaining to a particular state or area
    Legal Concepts and Terminology
  • Knowledge of computers:
  • Computer Terminology and Basics
    Devices for Input and Output
    Running Systems
    Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from MS Office
    Web and Internet Technologies
    Virus protection and computer security
    Mental aptitude and capacity: [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • Analogies of Series Completion
    relational ties
    Alphabet Data Sufficient for Tests
    Logical Inference
    Mathematical Ability Quantitative Aptitude
    Decoding and Coding General Knowledge about the State or Region
  • State or region’s geography, history, and culture [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
    Programmes and Policies of the State Government
    the state’s or region’s well-known figures; the major industries and economic development
    Local Holidays and Customs [Karnataka PSI Question Paper PDF Download]
  • It is significant to note that the PSI exam syllabus may differ depending on the particular state or recruiting organisation administering the test. For a specific and comprehensive syllabus, candidates may consult the official announcement or informational pamphlet given by the hiring authorities.
  • Candidates should also pay attention to current events, improve their comprehension abilities, practise answering questions from past years’ exams, and keep up with the most recent advancements in the pertinent sectors in addition to the aforementioned courses.
  • In order to properly prepare for the PSI exam, students should make a study strategy, acquire pertinent study materials, and consult common literature and resources for each subject.

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