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Jharkhand General Knowledge

Hello everyone. A PDF of the Jharkhand General Knowledge has been included in today’s article. Continue reading this page if you want to learn more about Jharkhand General Knowledge.

You should be aware of how many questions are asked about general knowledge and how crucial it is in today’s competitive exams if you’re preparing for competitive exams like SSC, JPSC, Gramin Bank, Jharkhand Police Constable, Staff Selection Commission, or other state-level competitive exams.

We’ve included a PDF of Jharkhand General Knowledge, pertinent information about Jharkhand, and quiz questions and answers in this post for your convenience. You can effectively prepare for General Knowledge for all competitive exams held in the state of Jharkhand with the aid of this.

(Note: The translation above is provided merely for informational purposes and might not exactly match the original content.) [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]

Jharkhand General Knowledge PDF Download
Jharkhand General Knowledge PDF Download

Jharkhand General Knowledge in English

Eastern Indian state of Jharkhand is renowned for its rich historical significance, natural resources, and cultural history. Here are some significant General Knowledge (GK) components for Jharkhand:

  1. Geographically, Jharkhand is bordered to the north by Bihar, to the west by Uttar Pradesh and Chhattisgarh, to the south by Odisha, and to the east by West Bengal. It has an abundance of natural resources, including minerals like mica, copper, iron ore, and coal. The Damodar, Subarnarekha, and Koel rivers, among others, are found throughout the state and are important for irrigation and power production. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]
  2. History: The history of Jharkhand is extensive. The Mauryas, Guptas, and Mughals were among the dynasties that ruled over it while it was a part of the Magadha Empire. The area was crucial in the fight for independence from British colonial domination. Jharkhand’s tribal people have made significant contributions to society and have a distinctive cultural history.
  3. Jharkhand is well-known for its thriving tribal culture. Numerous indigenous tribes, including the Santhal, Munda, Oraon, Ho, and many others, call this state home. Each has its own unique customs, festivals, art, and music. Chhau, Jhumair, and Paika are examples of Jharkhand traditional dances that highlight the state’s diverse cultural traditions. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]

Jharkhand General Knowledge PDF Overview in Hindi

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  1. Economy: Mining and industrial activity are the mainstays of Jharkhand’s economy. It is one among India’s top producers of minerals and is a sizable player in industries including steel, cement, power, and fertiliser. To diversify the economy and create jobs, the state government has also been supporting industries including tourism, agriculture, and information technology.
  2. Jharkhand is blessed with a wealth of natural beauty and fauna, as well as several national parks. National parks and wildlife refuges like as Betla National Park, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary, and Palamau Tiger Reserve are located in the state. Tigers, elephants, leopards, deer, and several bird species are among the vast array of flora and fauna that may be found in these protected areas. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]
  3. Famous People: Jharkhand has produced a number of well-known individuals who have excelled in a variety of professions. Birsa Munda, a tribal independence warrior, Jaipal Singh Munda, a politician and hockey player, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, a cricketer and former captain of the Indian cricket team, and Priyanka Chopra, a Bollywood actress and global star, are a few notable individuals.

Jharkhand General Knowledge PDF

  1. Jharkhand celebrates a wide variety of festivals that showcase the state’s cultural richness. The festivals Sarhul, Karma, Sohrai, Jitia, and Holi are a few that are well-known. Traditional ceremonies, dancing performances, musical performances, and boisterous celebrations characterise these festivals. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]
  2. Education: There are several educational institutions in Jharkhand, which lays a high priority on education. The capital of Jharkhand, Ranchi, is referred to as the “Education Hub” due to the presence of numerous prominent colleges, universities, and schools there. Ranchi University, Indian School of Mines (ISM), the National Institute of Technology (NIT) in Jamshedpur, and the Xavier Institute of Social Service (XISS) are a few of the state’s well-known educational institutions.
  3. Travel: Jharkhand has a variety of tourist attractions that highlight its scenic landscape and rich cultural history. Tourists frequently visit locations like Hundru Falls, Jonha Falls, Netarhat, Betla National Park, Hazaribagh Wildlife Sanctuary, Deoghar, and Rajrappa. Adventure activities, wildlife safaris, pilgrimages, and historical site exploration are all possible in these places.
  4. Jharkhand has a parliamentary system of government with a Chief Minister serving as the head of state. The Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council make up the state legislature. To facilitate efficient government and the provision of public services, the state is divided into administrative districts, blocks, and divisions. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]

Jharkhand General Knowledge book

Jharkhand’s history is entwined with the region’s rich cultural and historical legacy and extends back to ancient times. Here is a synopsis of Jharkhand’s past:

  1. Jharkhand was inhabited by a number of indigenous tribes in the distant past. Many tribal kingdoms, including the Asuras, Nagas, Mundas, and Santhalis, rose and fell in the region. The Mauryan and Gupta Empires also had a big influence on the region, which had a big impact on its government and culture. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]
  2. Middle Ages: Jharkhand experienced the entrance of Islamic emperors throughout the Middle Ages. After being a part of the Delhi Sultanate, the Bengal Sultanate later came to rule the area. The native tribes, however, retained their independence and rejected outside interference.
  3. Jharkhand was governed by the British during the 18th century during their colonial rule. The British established political dominance over the area and took use of its mineral resources, particularly mica and coal. Numerous uprisings and revolts were the consequence of the passionate resistance of the indigenous populations to British persecution and exploitation.

Jharkhand general knowledge questions with answers

  1. Jharkhand was the scene of numerous tribal uprisings against British control. One of the significant uprisings was the Santhal Rebellion of 1855–1856, which was led by the tribal chieftains Sidhu and Kanhu. The uprising sought to defend tribal rights and oppose British land revenue policy. Even though the uprising was eventually put down, it became a representation of tribal identity and resistance.
  2. Jharkhand was created as a result of efforts to reorganise the states based on linguistic and cultural identities after India attained independence in 1947. With a predominance of tribal people, Jharkhand joined the recently formed state of Bihar. But the desire for a distinct state persisted, and on November 15, 2000, Jharkhand became a separate state as a result of years of struggle and demonstrations. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]
  3. Development after Independence: Since its establishment, Jharkhand has advanced significantly in a number of fields. The state has concentrated on exploiting its mineral resources, particularly coal, which has aided in the expansion of industry. Infrastructure, healthcare, education, and the region’s overall socioeconomic development have all seen improvements.

Today, Jharkhand is proud of its tribal past and embraces its cultural variety. While embracing modern development, the state continues to work for the welfare and empowerment of its tribal groups. Jharkhand’s past can help us better understand the difficulties, aspirations, and accomplishments of its people. [Jharkhand General Knowledge Pdf]


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