The Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE), Dharamshala, holds the HP TET JBT Exam once a year. The HP TET JBT Exam 2018 is set on September 2nd of this year. This offline exam draws a lot of applicants who show up for it each year. The test lasts for two and a half hours and is given in a number of locations throughout Himachal Pradesh. The exam is specifically held in the morning from 10:00 AM to 12:30 PM. We give information regarding the exam format and the HP TET 2018 Answer Key in this post, along with access to the JBT TET 2018 Question Paper. [JBT QUESTION PAPER ]

We provide the chance to download past year test questions for the HP TET JBT Exam in order to help prospective students. This covers the HP TET JBT 2013 Question Paper, HP TET JBT 2017 Question Paper, and HP TET JBT 2018 Question Paper. These question papers offer useful information on the format of the exam, examples of the kinds of questions asked, and exam preparation tips.

JBT Question Paper with Answer PDF

In conclusion, applicants may use the HP TET JBT Exam materials included in this article, which include past exam questions and answers, an exam schedule, and an answer key for the HP TET 2018. These tools can help you prepare more effectively and increase your chances of passing the HP TET JBT Exam.

HP TET JBT Question Paper patten

HP TET JBT Exam is scheduled on 2nd September 2018. This exam contains 150 question which aspirants needs to solve two and half hour. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]

Total Question Paper- 150

Total Marks- 150

Time Duration- 02:30 Hours


Depending on the institution or educational board administering the exam, the JBT (Junior Basic Training) paper’s format may change. However, the JBT paper pattern typically includes the following elements:

HP TET JBT Question Paper 2013 :- Download

HP TET JBT Question Paper 2017 :- Download

HP TET JBT Question Paper 2018 :- Download

HP TET JBT Question Paper 2018 Answer Key :- Download

HP JBT Previous Year Question Papers PDF

1.The JBT publication often covers a wide range of topics that are pertinent to education at the basic level. Child Development and Pedagogy, English, Math, Environmental Studies, Social Studies, Science, and General Knowledge are among the disciplines that commonly fall under this category.

2.Multiple-Choice Questions (MCQs): Candidates are given a choice of answers for questions in the JBT paper, and they must choose the proper response. Typically, there are four possibilities for every question, but only one of them can be chosen as the answer. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]

3. Teaching techniques and pedagogy: Aspiring JBT instructors are judged on how well they comprehend pedagogical ideas. Questions about instructional methodologies, classroom management strategies, assessment procedures, and ways for meeting the various needs of students may be included in the report. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]

SSC Stenographer Question Paper :- Download

Jbt question paper with answer

  • Practical Application: Certain JBT examination questions or scenarios may ask candidates to show that they can apply their academic knowledge to real-world circumstances. Analyzing teaching conditions, creating lesson plans, or providing suitable responses for difficulties in the classroom can all fall under this category. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]
  • Duration and Grading: The JBT paper is usually completed in a set amount of time, such a couple hours. Each correct response may receive a specific amount of marks under a different marking scheme, and erroneous responses may receive a lower score.
  • Questions that Test Candidates’ Knowledge and Understanding of the Subjects They Will Teach at the Primary Level are included in the JBT paper. These inquiries test a candidate’s conceptual understanding, their capacity for knowledge application, and their familiarity with the course material. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]

JBT TET Previous Year Question Papers

  • Pedagogy and teaching strategies: Future JBT instructors are judged on how well they comprehend pedagogical ideas and instructional strategies. The essay may ask questions about teaching methods, classroom management strategies, assessment techniques, and ways for meeting the various needs of pupils. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]
  • Practical Application: Some JBT exams may contain scenarios or questions that ask applicants to show how well they can apply their academic knowledge in real-world circumstances. This can entail assessing teaching circumstances, creating lesson plans, or providing suitable responses for difficulties in the classroom.
  • Time Limit and Scoring Procedure: The JBT paper is normally completed within a set time limit, such as a few hours. Each correct response could receive a set amount of marks under a different marking scheme, and incorrect responses might be subject to a deduction of points.
  • Qualification Requirements: In order to pass the JBT paper, candidates may be required to meet minimal qualifications. A minimum grade or percentage that must be obtained overall or in each course could be one of the requirements. [JBT QUESTION PAPER 2018]
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