ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper Pdf 2023

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ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper PDF

ESIC hires a lot of staff nurses in different states. Typically, there are openings every two to three years. Below are ESIC staff nurse test questions that you can download. All of the ESIC’s paramedical tests can benefit from understanding the insights provided by these prior exams with solution keys.
For the ESIC staff nurse/nursing officer exams, many candidates apply. As a result, the staff nurse exam is run in shifts. The ESIC staff nurse test papers from various shifts are available here.
Please see below previous year test questions for the ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing Officer position.
These documents are significant for ESIC in Madhya Pradesh, ESIC Uttarpradesh, ESIC Uttarakhand, ESIC Karnataka, ESIC West Bengal, ESIC, and ESIC in Maharashtra, Kerala, Bihar, and ESIC.

The exam was called “Gujarat, ESIC Tamilnadu, ESIC Telangana, ESIC Odisha, ESIC Rajasthan and other nursing jobs” and was offered by ESIC to residents of other states.

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ESIC Staff Nurse


ESIC Staff Nurse MCQ questions and Answers

Staff nurse/nursing recruitment exams are held by ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) in various ESIC hospitals around the nation. The purpose of the ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing exam is to choose competent individuals to provide nursing care and support within the ESIC healthcare system.

The following stages are commonly included in the selection process for ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing:

  1. Written Assessment:
    • Depending on the notice, either an offline mode or an online option is used to administer the written test. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]
    • Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are used in the exam to gauge applicants’ knowledge of a variety of nursing-related topics, including as anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, medical-surgical nursing, paediatric nursing, obstetrics and gynaecology, and community health nursing.
    • The objectives of the questions are to assess the candidates’ theoretical knowledge, conceptual grasp of nursing, and capacity to apply nursing principles in various contexts.
    • The amount of questions, the total number of points, and the exam’s duration may change depending on the recruiting notification.
  2. Verification of Documents:
    • Candidates who pass the written test are contacted for the document verification process.
    • Candidates must present their original documents at this step, including transcripts from their academic institutions, identification documentation, caste certificates when necessary, experience certificates when appropriate, etc.
    • To confirm the legitimacy and validity of the candidates’ information, the documents are checked. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]
  3. A personality test or interview:
    • Interviews and personality assessments may be a part of some ESIC hiring procedures.
    • The interview gauges the candidates’ suitability for the staff nurse/nursing role as well as their communication abilities, topic knowledge, and professional demeanour.
    • Subject matter experts, senior nursing professionals, and ESIC representatives could be on the interview panel.
  4. Final Decision
    • Candidates are ultimately chosen based on how well they perform on the written test, during the document verification process, and, if necessary, during the interview and personality test.
    • The candidates’ scores and performance throughout the selection process are taken into account when creating a merit list.
    • The chosen applicants are given the opportunity to work as staff nurses or nurses in the corresponding ESIC institutions.
ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Model Question Paper Pdf

ESIC Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Candidates should concentrate on the nursing topics listed in the syllabus as they get ready for the ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing examination. To get accustomed to the test format and pattern, they can use practise question papers from prior years, study aids, and common nursing texts. It’s also critical to keep up with new advances in the nursing and healthcare industries. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

To do well on the written exam, candidates should work to gain a deep understanding of nursing principles, hone their problem-solving techniques, and improve their time management skills. To succeed in the interview/personality test stage, they should also improve their communication abilities, professionalism, and confidence.

Staff Nurse Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Depending on the individual recruiting notification, the ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) Staff Nurse/Nursing exam format may differ slightly. Here is a general description of the exam format, though: [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

Exam Mode: The ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing exam is often given either online (computer-based) or offline (pen and paper). The recruiting notification specifies the examination format.

Multiple-choice questions (MCQs) are included on the exam’s question paper. Candidates must select the right response from a list of four possibilities that are presented after each question.

ESIC Staff Nurse Question Paper Pdf Download

Subjects & Syllabus: Nursing-related subjects and related topics make up the exam syllabus. The topics often cover:

  • Anatomy and physiology,
  • pharmacology,
  • paediatric nursing,
  • obstetrics and gynaecology,
  • community health nursing,
  • fundamentals of nursing,
  • nursing research and statistics are among the topics covered.
  • I. Nutrition,
  • J. Microbiology,
  • K. Nutritional Science,
  • L. Psychiatric Nursing,
  • M. Midwifery, and O. Obstetrical Nursing

Candidates should consult the relevant recruitment notification for the detailed syllabus as it may vary somewhat. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

ESIC Staff Nurse Questions and answers

Exam Length: The ESIC Staff Nurse/Nursing exam lasts 2 to 3 hours on average. The recruitment announcement specifies the precise time frame.

Marking Procedure: The marking procedure may change, but typically, each accurate response receives one mark. For erroneous responses, negative marking may be used, with a loss of 0.25 or 0.33 marks for each incorrect response. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

Candidates must get the minimum qualifying marks required by ESIC in order to advance to the next step of the selection process. Depending on variables like the amount of openings and the general calibre of applicants, the minimum passing score may change.

Candidates should frequently check the official ESIC website or the relevant recruitment notification for up-to-date details on the Staff Nurse/Nursing exam’s syllabus, marking policy, and other particular instructions. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

ESIC Previous Year Question Paper PDF

Staff nurse/nursing recruitment at ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) often comprises a multi-stage selection procedure. Depending on the recruiting announcement and the number of openings, the specific selection procedure may change. An outline of the selection procedure is provided below:

  1. Written Exam: A written exam is administered as the first step in the selection process. Candidates who successfully complete their application forms and meet the eligibility requirements are invited to take the written test. Multiple-choice questions based on the nursing subjects and associated topics stated in the syllabus make up the written exam. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]
  2. ESIC (Employees’ State Insurance Corporation) frequently uses a multi-stage selection process for hiring staff nurses and nurses. The exact hiring process may vary depending on the recruitment notice and the number of opportunities. Following is a summary of the selection process:
  3. Written Exam: The selection procedure begins with the administration of a written exam. Candidates are invited to sit the written exam if they successfully submit their application forms and satisfy the eligibility requirements. The written test consists of multiple-choice questions based on nursing-related themes and related ones included in the syllabus.
  4. Final Merit List: A final merit list is created based on performance in the written exam, skill test/computer-based test, and document verification. Candidates who place highly on the merit list are taken into consideration for the next round of hiring.
  5. Medical Exam: Shortlisted candidates from the merit list are frequently obliged to have a medical exam. The goal of the medical test is to make sure that applicants are physically and medically capable of carrying out the responsibilities of a staff nurse. Authorised medical professionals appointed by ESIC conduct the physical examination.
  6. Final Selection: The performance of candidates in all phases of the selection process, including the written exam, skill test or computer-based test, document verification, and medical examination, will determine who will be hired. Candidates are offered the position of Staff Nurse/Nurse in ESIC if they satisfy all eligibility requirements and successfully complete the selection procedure. [ESIC Staff Nurse Exam Question Paper]

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