DRDO Electrician Question Paper PDF in Hindi

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DRDO Electrician Question Paper PDF

You can use the 8 with answers PDF we’ve provided as a great study aid for your test. The DRTC Technician Tier-I & Tier-II syllabus, exam format, and question paper with Hindi answers are all included in the DRDO CEPTAM 10 past paper PDF (solved). To be ready for your forthcoming test, you can download the PDF of the DRDO previous year’s question papers.

DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) Exam

The Ministry of Defence of the Government of India houses the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO). It is in charge of conducting research and developing a variety of technologies for defence and security. To find qualified candidates for various roles in its labs, research centres, and establishments, DRDO holds recruiting exams. For individuals hoping to work in the field of defence research and development, the DRDO exam is a fantastic chance. We will provide you a thorough overview of the DRDO test in this post, together with information on the eligibility requirements, selection procedure, exam format, curriculum, and study advice.

Drdo electrician question paper

Candidates must meet certain qualifying requirements in terms of age, education, and nationality in order to be eligible for the DRDO exam. Depending on the exact job and exam level, the eligibility requirements may change. The following eligibility requirements typically apply:

  • The candidates must be Indian nationals.
  • Age Restrictions: The age restriction may change depending on the position and difficulty level of the exam. However, the minimum and maximum age restrictions are often 18 and 30 years, respectively. According to government regulations, candidates from reserved groups are eligible for an age reduction.
  • Education Requirements: Depending on the position and exam level, different educational requirements are needed for the DRDO exam. Candidates should typically have earned their undergraduate or graduate degrees or diplomas in the relevant fields from an accredited university or institution. For various positions and departments within DRDO, different educational requirements may apply.

The following steps are commonly included in the selection process for the DRDO exam:

Written Exam: A written exam is administered as the first step in the selection process. The written examination evaluates the applicant’s technical knowledge, aptitude, and abilities in relation to the particular position and subject. It may contain both descriptive and objective-style questions.

Interview: Those applicants who pass the written test are contacted for the interview stage. The purpose of the interview is to assess the candidate’s qualifications, character attributes, communication abilities, and subject expertise.

DRDO Electrician Question Paper PDF in Hindi

Quantitative ability/aptitudeDownload
General awarenessDownload
General English Download
General intelligence & Reasoning abilityDownload

Document Verification: Shortlisted candidates must go through document verification after the interview. To demonstrate their eligibility and qualifications, they must present the required documentation and certificates.

Employability Skill ITI :- Download

ITI Engineering Drawing :- Download


DRDO Electrician Question Paper

8DRDO Question Paper PDF in Hindi

Medical Exam: After passing the document verification step, candidates must undergo a medical exam. The medical test verifies that the applicants are physically and medically capable of carrying out the responsibilities of the particular employment.

Final Selection: Candidates are chosen depending on how well they perform in the written test, interview, document verification, and medical exam. The chosen applicants are given positions in various DRDO facilities and laboratories. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]


The candidate’s personality, topic knowledge, problem-solving abilities, and communication skills are evaluated during the interview.
Candidates are judged on their conviction, clarity of thought, logical reasoning, and comprehension of the material.


The DRDO exam’s syllabus is determined by the particular subject and position being applied for. It includes topics that fall within the technical and scientific categories. The course syllabus could cover subjects like:

Knowledge of current events, Indian geography, politics, and other topics.

Quantitative aptitude: The capacity for mathematics, including arithmetic, algebra, geometry, and statistics.

Logic, analytical thinking, problem-solving, pattern detection, etc. are all examples of reasoning.

Technical Knowledge: This section concentrates on the particular subject or topic of study that is connected to the applied position. It could include topics like chemistry, physics, mechanical engineering, computer science, and electronics. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]

Drdo electrician question paper pdf download

The following advice can help students prepare well for the DRDO exam:

Be familiar with the Exam Pattern and Syllabus: Research the Exam Pattern and Syllabus for the Particular Position You Are Applying For. This will assist you in organising your study time and concentrating on the right subjects. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]

  1. Make a study schedule: Schedule enough time for each subject and topic in your study schedule. Set daily and weekly goals to thoroughly cover the curriculum.
  2. Obtain pertinent study materials, such as textbooks, dictionaries, online databases, and test questions from prior years. These resources will give you a thorough understanding of the subjects and enable you to practise answering all kinds of questions.
  3. Practise Mock Tests: Complete practise tests and previous year’s exam questions to become familiar with the exam format, time-management strategies, and question-solving approaches. Additionally, this will assist in identifying your strengths and limitations. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]
  4. Effective time management requires setting aside certain times for various tasks and topics. For improved comprehension and idea retention, regular practise and review are essential.
  5. Keep Up: Keep abreast of recent events, technical innovations, and changes in the area of study in question. Your general awareness and subject understanding will both improve as a result.
  6. Regularly review the subjects you have studied to help you retain what you have learned.
  7. Seek Advice: If necessary, seek advice from mentors, subject-matter experts, or seasoned industry professionals. They may offer insightful advice,
  8. Exam Time Management: Use time management techniques during the exam. Depending on the quantity and level of the questions, give each segment a certain amount of time. To increase your score, give the topics you are more familiar with priority. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]
  9. Focus on developing your problem-solving abilities because these are essential for the technical knowledge part. Practise tackling complex issues and create a methodical strategy to deal with them successfully.

Drdo electrician question paper pdf in english

  1. Keep Up with Current Events: Stay informed about the most recent advancements in science, technology, and the military. To keep up with current events and developments in research and development, read newspapers, periodicals, and online sources.
  2. Join Online Study Groups: Participate in forums or online study groups where you can communicate with other aspirants. Your knowledge can grow and you can gain new views by talking through questions, exchanging study materials, and working on problems together.
  3. Maintain a healthy lifestyle as you study for your exams by taking care of your health. Take regular pauses, work out, eat well, and get enough rest. Your focus and overall performance will improve if you are physically and mentally fit.
  4. Analyse Your Performance After Taking Practise Tests or Mock Exams, Carefully Evaluate Your Results and Learn from Your Mistakes. Determine your areas of strength, your areas for growth, and the kinds of questions you had trouble answering. Don’t make the same mistakes again by strengthening those areas. [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]
  5. Keep a positive attitude and confidence throughout the preparation process by believing in yourself. Maintain your motivation, make sensible goals, and recognise your successes along the way. Having confidence is crucial for doing well on any exam.

To succeed on the DRDO exam, keep in mind that constant and focused preparation is essential. Create a study plan that works for your learning style and follow it. Maintain your focus, push through difficulties, and maintain a positive outlook. You may pass the DRDO exam and start a lucrative career in defence research and development if you put out the necessary effort and adopt the proper strategy. Good fortune! [DRDO Electrician Question Paper]

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