BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers With Answers PDF

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BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers

For the purpose of hiring Junior Accounts Officers for their company, BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) holds a competitive examination known as the JAO (Junior Accounts Officer) exam. An excellent option for people looking to engage in accounting and finance in the telecoms industry is the national-

Here are some important details regarding the BSNL JAO exam:

test Conducting Body: Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL), one of the biggest telecommunications firms in India, conducts the BSNL JAO test.

test Frequency: Depending on the number of openings at BSNL, the JAO test is frequently held. Depending on the organization’s recruitment needs, the exact frequency of the exam may change.

Candidates must meet specific eligibility requirements pertaining to age, education, and nationality in order to be eligible for the BSNL JAO exam. These standards are established by BSNL and may change annually.

BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers
  • BSNL JAO Previous Question Paper to boost your preparation.
  • No.-1. BSNL JAO 2014 Paper 1 PDF :- Download
  • No.-2. BSNL JAO 2014 Paper 1 Answer Key :- Download
  • No.-3. BSNL JAO 2014 Paper 2 PDF:- Download
  • No.-4. BSNL JAO 2014 Paper 2 Answer Key:- Download

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  • Exam Format: The BSNL JAO exam is a written test that is given offline (pen and paper) in a traditional format. Part-I and Part-II are the two usual components of the written test.
  • Part-I: General English, general knowledge, and general aptitude-related topics are often covered in this part. This section’s questions are meant to gauge a candidate’s level of language proficiency, general knowledge, and logical reasoning.
  • Part-II: Topics pertaining to accounting and financial management are the main focus of this section. Financial accounting, cost accounting, financial management, financial statements, and auditing are some of the topics it covers.

Bsnl jao previous year question papers with answers pdf download

  • Marking System: The BSNL JAO exam’s marking system may change from year to year. Typically, each question receives one mark, with the possibility of deducting marks for erroneous responses. Candidates should become familiar with the precise marking system described in the exam notification or informational bulletin.
  • The written exam and personal interview are the first two steps in the selection process for the BSNL JAO exam. Shortlisted candidates for the interview round are those who pass the written examination. The candidate’s performance in both the written test and the interview will determine who will be hired in the end.
  • Resources for Preparation: Candidates can use a variety of resources, including books, study guides, questions from prior years’ exams, and online sources, to get ready for the BSNL JAO test. In order to improve time management and problem-solving abilities, it is crucial to go over all the pertinent topics included in the curriculum and practise answering practise questions.
  • Opportunities for Employment: Passing the BSNL JAO test leads to employment as a Junior Accounts Officer in BSNL. The organization’s junior accounts officers are in charge of accounting, budgeting, and financial management. It offers a platform for people to advance their careers in accounting and finance within the telecoms industry.
  • The BSNL JAO test syllabus includes a number of topics relating to accounting and financial man78counting.

Bsnl jao previous year question papers with answers pdf 2020

  • Budgeting and budgetary control, standard costing, variance analysis, cost concepts, costing methodologies, cost-volume-profit analysis, etc. are all included in cost accounting.
  • Financial management includes such activities as dividend policy, cost of capital, financial ratios, financial markets, risk and return, working capital management, and capital budgeting.
  • Auditing: various auditing techniques, internal controls, audit reports, audit planning, risk analysis, audit evidence, etc. [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Taxation: The fundamentals of direct and indirect taxes, income tax, the Goods and Services Tax (GST), tax compliance, tax planning, and tax deductions
  • Tips for Preparation:
  • To properly plan your preparation, clearly comprehend the exam format and syllabus.
    Establish a study timetable and allot enough time for each subject.
    Consult the suggested study guides and textbooks for the BSNL JAO test.
    To become familiar with the exam format and enhance your time management abilities, solve sample and previous year’s question papers.
    Take online practise exams to evaluate your knowledge and pinpoint your preparation’s weak points.
    Keep up with current events and general knowledge topics because they might be tested on during the exam. [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
    To improve your accounting and financial management abilities, practise questions that require numerical and calculation-based answers.
  • Admit Card and Result: On its official website, BSNL posts the admit card for the JAO exam. To the exam site, candidates must download and bring their admit card. Following the exam, BSNL publishes the results on its website, where candidates can access them by providing their registration information or roll number.
  • Job Posting and Growth: After the selection procedure is successful, candidates are hired by BSNL as Junior Accounts Officers. They are frequently assigned to various BSNL circles all over India. Promotions and higher-level jobs within BSNL provide Junior Accounts Officers with prospects for career advancement. [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Candidates are advised to often monitor the BSNL website for updates on exam announcements, application processes, crucial dates, and any changes to the exam format or curriculum. To receive accurate and comprehensive information about the BSNL JAO test, candidates should also carefully study the official exam notification and information pamphlet that was published by BSNL.

JAO Exam Syllabus

The following subjects are normally covered in full by the BSNL JAO (Junior Accounts Officer) exam syllabus:

  • Typical English [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Read-along sections
    Analogies and contrasts
    Complete the gaps
    Error finding
    completion of a sentence
    Vocabulary, use, and grammar
    General Knowledge
  • recent events and news
    Indian politics and administration
    economy of India
    India’s history and culture
    geography and setting
    broad science
    Games and prizes
    authors and books
    General Ability: [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • math proficiency and data interpretation
    analytical thinking and reasoning
    series of numbers
    Rates, proportions, and percentages
    Distance and time
    Work and time averages
    Statistics and probability
    Financial Administration:
  • Budgeting and planning for the future
    working capital administration
    Capital costs
    Making investment and capital budgeting decisions
    Financial ratios and analysis
    Return and risk
    Financial institutions and markets
    Income policy
    Financial and Accounting: [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • accounting principles and concepts
    preparing financial statements
    Final accounts and the trial balance
    Accounting guidelines
    Inventory value and depreciation
    Cash flow projections
    Ratio evaluation
    Cost Control:
  • Cost classifications and concepts
    techniques for costing
    Cost-volume-profit evaluation
    Budgeting and financial management
    Costing at standard rates and variance analysis
    procedure and job costing
    Costing for overhead and absorption
    Taxation: [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Income tax and GST (Goods and Services Tax) fundamentals
    Tax reductions and tax planning
    laws and guidelines regarding taxes
    taxes, both direct and indirect
    tax filing and compliance
  • Auditing:
  • several audits
    Planning and methods for audits
    Internal oversight and risk analysis
    documents and audit reports
    evidence from audits and sampling
    Ethics in the auditing of Commercial Laws: [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Indian Contract Act, Sale of Goods Act, Negotiable Instruments Act, Companies Act, Partnership Act, Consumer Protection Act, and Analysis of Financial Statements
  • Analysis and understanding of financial statements
    Rational analysis and its use
    Flow of funds analysis
    DuPont evaluation
    Analysis of working capital
    Analysis of earnings per share and dividends
    Administration Accounting: [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Cost-volume-profit evaluation
    Techniques for making decisions
    Cost apportionment and allocation
    Absorption costs and marginal costs
    Accounting for accountability
    transferring prices
    Control and monitoring of performance
    Accounting computer applications [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
  • Computer systems and software fundamentals
    a description of accounting software programmes
    Applications of spreadsheets in accounting
    systems for managing databases
    Online shopping and banking
    financial simulation
  • Financial Institutions and Markets:
  • Financial system of India [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
    Finance and stock markets
    Instruments of finance and their value
    Insurance goods and mutual funds
    Framework for financial institutions’ regulation
    Managing risk in financial markets
    Auditing costs and management:
  • Concepts of cost auditing and management auditing
    The preparation and execution of cost audits
    Report on the cost audit and compliance
    internal controls and auditing
    checking the books of cost accounting
    Data processing and business statistics in a computerised environment:
  • Statistical ideas and methods [BSNL JAO Previous Year Question Papers]
    Central tendency and dispersion measures
    distributions and the theory of probability
    Inference-making statistics and hypothesis testing
    Techniques for sampling and estimation of sample sizes
    data processing and statistical software analysis

The BSNL JAO test syllabus may change significantly from year to year, it is crucial to remember. It is recommended that candidates consult the official notification and syllabus issued by BSNL for the particular exam they are taking. To ensure thorough coverage of the syllabus, it is also advised to utilise standard textbooks and study resources suggested for the BSNL JAO test.

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