Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question Paper in Hindi Download

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Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question

Friends, as you may already know, the notification for Allahabad High Court RO, ARO 2023 has been released, and many students have already been preparing for it. Several students have been requesting previous year question papers from me on Telegram. Therefore, on behalf of, I am providing the PDF of Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Papers for free download in Hindi and English.

Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Selection Process

The following steps are commonly included in the selection process for Allahabad High Court review officers (RO) and assistant review officers (ARO):

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Written Exam: Candidates must show up for a written exam that evaluates their aptitude, knowledge, and skills as they relate to the function of RO/ARO. Multiple-choice questions on topics including General Knowledge, General English, General Hindi, Mathematics, and Computer Knowledge make up the majority of the exam.

ALL Allahabad High Court RO / ARO Question Paper Download

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Allahabad high court ro aro question paper 2020

Computer Knowledge Test: To assess candidates’ proficiency with computer operations, a separate computer knowledge test may be given. This test may cover topics including typing techniques, office productivity software use, and computer fundamentals.

Computer typing test in English and/or Hindi: Candidates may be required to take a typing test to show their ability in both languages. Depending on the particulars of the task, different levels of typing accuracy and speed may be required.

Descriptive Exam: In some instances, a descriptive exam may be given to applicants to evaluate their writing prowess and capacity for clear thought expression. This could involve writing an essay, a letter or application, a summary, etc. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

Shortlisted candidates from the aforementioned phases are contacted for document verification, where their qualifications and supporting records are confirmed. To make sure the candidates meet the requirements, it is essential to complete this stage. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

Final Selection: The candidates are chosen after they have completed a written test, a typing test, a descriptive examination (if necessary), and a document verification process. Candidates who place highly on merit lists are given consideration for appointments as RO/ARO in the Allahabad High Court.

Allahabad high court ro aro question paper with answer

Interview/Personality Test: Candidates may be contacted for an interview or a personality test, depending on the hiring policies and the availability of positions. This phase is used to evaluate a candidate’s general personality, communication abilities, level of self-assurance, and suitability for the RO/ARO position. Experts, justices, and senior members of the Allahabad High Court may be on the interview panel.

Final Merit List: A final merit list is created after candidates’ performances in each of the aforementioned phases have been assessed. The candidates’ cumulative scores on the written exam, typing test, descriptive examination (if applicable), interview/personality test, and document verification are used to create the merit list. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

Allahabad-High-Court-RO-ARO-Previous-Year Question Paper
Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question Paper

Medical Exam: It’s possible that candidates who are provisionally chosen based on the final merit list will need to go through a medical exam. The goal of the medical exam is to make sure that the applicants are both physically and intellectually capable of doing the duties involved with the RO/ARO post.

Final Appointment: Candidates are only taken into consideration for the Allahabad High Court’s RO/ARO positions if they successfully complete all stages, including the medical examination. The appointment is contingent upon fulfilling all eligibility conditions, document verification, and any additional requirements outlined in the recruitment guidelines. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

Depending on the individual recruitment notification, the exam format for the Allahabad High Court RO/ARO (Review Officer/Assistant Review Officer) may change. However, the regularly used exam pattern is outlined in the following basic manner:

Allahabad High Court RO ARO Previous Year Paper Book PDF Download

  • Preliminary Exam: The preliminary exam is typically given as the initial step in the hiring process. It is a multiple-choice objective test with topics like general knowledge, general english, general hindi, and law. The preliminary examination’s time, number of questions, and overall score are all subject to change. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]
  • Main Examination: Those applicants who pass the preliminary exam are qualified to take the main exam. The major test evaluates candidates’ knowledge and comprehension of areas like general studies, general hindi, and law. It is typically descriptive in nature. Multiple papers may be included in the main examination, each of which is typically of a qualifying nature.
  • Candidates are needed to take a typing exam in order to be considered for the position of Assistant Review Officer (ARO). The purpose of the typing test is to evaluate the candidates’ accuracy and speed of typing. The recruitment announcement may specify the precise typing speed and format.
  • A descriptive examination may occasionally be conducted as a part of the selection process. The descriptive examination gauges the candidates’ essay, letter, and precis writing skills. The descriptive examination’s format and subject matter may change.
  • For people who want to work in the legal field, the Allahabad High Court Review Officer (RO) and Assistant Review Officer (ARO) examination offers a prominent chance. The RO/ARO exam is renowned for its competitiveness, and it necessitates that applicants have a firm grasp of many legal topics as well as general knowledge and language competence.

Allahabad high court ro aro question paper pdf download

Multiple stages make up the test for Allahabad High Court RO/ARO, including a preliminary exam, main exam, typing test (for ARO), and occasionally a descriptive exam. Each phase aims to evaluate the candidates’ expertise, aptitude, and fitness for the corresponding roles.

The preliminary examination, which is the initial step, is administered using an objective framework. Typically, it covers topics like law, general knowledge, general English, and general hindi. Candidates have a set amount of time in which to respond to multiple-choice questions.

Those applicants who pass the preliminary exam advance to the main exam. Descriptive in nature, the main exam gauges the applicants’ knowledge of topics like general studies, general hindi, and law. Each paper in the main examination will often be qualifying in character and may include numerous papers.

Candidates for the position of Assistant Review Officer (ARO) must take a typing test to gauge their proficiency and speed. The formal announcement will include information about the precise requirements for the typing test, such as the format and typing speed.

A descriptive exam, which evaluates candidates’ writing abilities through essays, letters, and precis writing, may also be offered in some circumstances. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

Candidates should have a thorough comprehension of the topics covered in the Allahabad High Court RO/ARO test, including knowledge of legal ideas, current events, linguistic ability, and typing abilities (for ARO). [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

To increase their chances of passing the exam, candidates must thoroughly review the required material, complete practice tests, and practice time management.

In order to stay up to date on any changes to the RO/ARO exam’s complete curriculum, exam pattern, or other pertinent material, candidates should frequently visit the official notification and website of the Allahabad High Court.

Candidates can increase their chances of passing the Allahabad High Court RO/ARO examination and landing a career in the prestigious judicial system by allocating enough time for preparation, developing a solid study plan, and keeping up with current events. [Allahabad High Court RO, ARO Previous Year Question ]

What is the salary of Aro Ki in Allahabad High Court?

ARO pay scale ranges between Rs. 44900-142400

What is the salary of review officer in Allahabad High Court?

 Allahabad High Court is ₹ 7.4 Lakhs per year

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