AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi 2023 PDF Download

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AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi 2023 PDF Download

You may get the free AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers 2019, 2020, 2021, and 2022 from this page, as well as Model Papers for Papers 1 and 2 in Hindi and English.

Before beginning their preparation, many students choose to solve AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers. It assists them in comprehending the pattern of questions asked in prior years and in locating the subjects about which more queries have historically been raised. They can concentrate more intently on particular subjects as a result, improving their chances of passing the next exam with high marks and pursuing a career in the Indian Air Force.[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]

AFCAT Selection Process

There are various steps in the AFCAT (Air Force Common Admission Test) selection procedure. Here is a summary of the AFCAT selection procedure:[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]

  • The AFCAT written exam, which is administered online, is the first stage. Multiple-choice questions spanning a range of topics, including General Awareness, Verbal Ability in English, Numerical Ability, Reasoning, and Military Aptitude Test, make up the exam. The test lasts for two hours.
  • Candidates who pass the written exam are invited to an interview with the Air Force Selection Board (AFSB). There are two phases to the AFSB interview:
  • Stage I includes the Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT) and the Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR) Test. A candidate advances to Stage II after passing Stage I.
  • b. Stage II: This phase consists of a number of exams, including group exercises, psychological evaluations, and personal interviews. These exams evaluate a candidate’s aptitude, leadership potential, interpersonal abilities, and eligibility for a position in the Indian Air Force.

Afcat Question Paper in Hindi Pdf Download

  • Medical Exam: To determine their medical fitness, candidates recommended by the AFSB are subjected to a thorough medical examination. The medical evaluation consists of a thorough physical examination, lab tests, and, if necessary, specialist consultations.
  • Final Merit List: The candidate’s performance on the AFCAT written exam, the AFSB interview, and the physical examination are taken into account when compiling the final merit list. Depending on the number of openings, candidates who make the merit list are given the chance to join the Indian Air Force.[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]
  • Branch and Training Allotment: Following the preparation of the final merit list, candidates are given specific branches according to their qualifications and preferences. The flying, technical, and ground duty branches are among the branches. Candidates go through specialised training in accordance with the assigned branch.

Afcat question paper in hindi pdf

  • Training, both fundamental and specialised: Selected candidates attend the Air Force Academy for their fundamental military training. Depending on the branch and admission system, the length and type of the training may change. Candidates move on to specialised training in their particular disciplines after completing basic training, where they gain information and abilities unique to their positions and responsibilities.
  • Commissioning: Candidates are commissioned as officers in the Indian Air Force after successfully completing their training. Ranks and duties are assigned to them in accordance with their training and branch. Within the Air Force, commissioned officers perform a variety of operational, management, and administrative duties.[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]

It’s crucial for applicants to stay informed about the official AFCAT notice and adhere to the given instructions and recommendations. The Indian Air Force has the right to make adjustments to the selection procedure.

AFCAT Exam Pattern In Hindi & English

The exam format for the AFCAT (Indian Air Force Common Admission Test) is as follows:

  • Exam approach: The AFCAT is administered in an online, computer-based approach.
  • Language: Candidates can take the exam in either Hindi or English, depending on their preferences.
  • Exam Length: The AFCAT exam lasts for a total of two hours.
  • Multiple-choice questions with the option for applicants to choose the right response make up the exam.
  • 100 questions make up the AFCAT exam in its entirety.
  • Exam Question Distribution: The exam’s questions are separated into the following categories:
    • Language Arts (25 questions)
    • (25 questions) General knowledge, current events, and military aviation
    • Number Sense (18 questions)
    • Test of Intelligence and Military Aptitude (32 questions)

AFCAT Previous Year Question Papers with answers PDF free download

  • grading system Three points are awarded for each accurate response, but one point is subtracted as negative marking for each erroneous response. There is no penalty for not answering a question.
  • The AFCAT exam’s syllabus covers a wide range of subjects, including English grammar and comprehension, current events, history, geography, science, mathematics, reasoning, and military aptitude, among others.
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  • Cut-off Marks: In order to take the AFCAT exam, candidates must get the Indian Air Force’s minimal cut-off score. For each exam cycle, a different cut-off score is established based on the number of openings, the test’s level of difficulty, and the performance of the applicants.
  • EKT (Engineering Knowledge Test): Along with the AFCAT test, a supplementary Engineering Knowledge Test (EKT) is given to applicants for technical disciplines of the Indian Air Force. The EKT has 50 questions covering several engineering specialties, and it lasts 45 minutes. Candidates submitting applications for technical entries must complete the EKT.
  • Exam Centres: Various exam centres located throughout different Indian cities administer the AFCAT exam. While completing the application form, candidates can choose the exam location of their choice.

AFCAT previous year Question Paper with Solution

  • Candidates that pass the AFCAT exam are invited to the Services Selection Board (SSB) Interview, which is the next stage of the selection process. A number of steps make up the SSB Interview, including an intelligence test, psychological tests, group tests, and a personal interview. A candidate’s personality, communication abilities, leadership potential, and aptitude for a career in the Indian Air Force are evaluated during the SSB Interview.[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]
  • Final Merit List: Based on a candidate’s performance on the AFCAT exam and the SSB Interview, the final merit list is created. Candidates who are placed on the merit list are given the opportunity to join the Indian Air Force in a variety of branches.

To maximise their score and improve their chances of moving on to the next phase of selection, candidates should fully prepare for every section of the exam.[AFCAT Question Paper in Hindi]

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