[PDF] 12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi

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12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi

Anurag Pathak’s gripping book “Twelfth Fail” is about IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma and centers on his life. In the West Region of Mumbai, Manoj Kumar Sharma, a member of the 2005 cadre, now occupies the prestigious rank of Additional Commissioner. This fascinating book explores his incredible life’s journey.

People in the modern day work tirelessly to achieve unmatched achievement in their life. While some succeed in exceeding their objectives and accomplishing extraordinary accomplishments, others may at first fall short yet persevere tenaciously. A book called “Twelfth Fail” was written especially for people who want to succeed in both their personal and professional activities. It tells the story of a strong young boy who overcomes many challenges in life and eventually succeeds in giving glory to his family and his country by becoming an IPS officer. This motivational story offers hope to individuals who encounter hardship on the way to achievement.

The inspirational book “Twelfth Fail” comes highly recommended, and it’s especially made for students who want to do great things in spite of the difficulties they confront. This book, written by Anurag Pathak, provides unique insights into the experiences that IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma has had throughout his life. It depicts his path to achievement while highlighting the tenacity and tenacity needed to go through the many obstacles in the route. With its gripping story and representation of victory over hardship, “Twelfth Fail” has gained a lot of popularity. It acts as motivation for individuals who want to excel in their own lives and have a meaningful effect on the world.

12th Fail Book Summary in Hindi summary

The “Twelfth Fail Book” is a fantastic and inspiring book for students who are having difficulties in their academic careers. This book, which is available in Hindi and English, presents a distinctive fusion of the fiction and biography genres. It gives readers motivation by providing a gripping tale of one person’s challenges and victories. Readers may vividly feel the journey of a person who struggled against the odds to achieve a position of respect and dignity by sifting through the pages of this book. If you enjoy reading books and biographies, “Twelfth Fail Book” could inspire and push you to pursue your own goals.”Twelfth Fail Book” provides a thorough experience since it covers a variety of emotions, such as struggle, grief, tears, and resiliency. Readers may fully immerse themselves in the complex web of difficulties presented by this work. It clarifies the relevance of the board examinations for the 12th grade in a student’s life and emphasizes their enormous significance. The book looks deeply into the emotional agony that a student goes through after failing their 12th class, offering profound insights into their emotions of hopelessness and the conviction that their chances for a successful future in the workforce may be jeopardized. The book gives readers a comprehensive grasp of the influence and relevance of academic problems on a person’s life path by examining these issues.[12th Fail Book Summary in Hindi]

12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi

In the engrossing tale “Twelfth Fail,” Mumbai-based IPS officer Manoj Kumar Sharma exhibits unflinching resolve in the face of failure during his 12th-grade examinations. Refusing to give in to difficulty, he perseveres in his efforts and, after three unsuccessful tries, passes the UPSC test on his fourth attempt. His buddy Anurag Pathak has recorded this amazing journey in the book “Twelfth Fail,” from his modest origins to becoming a respected IPS officer. Manoj Kumar Sharma’s life is expertly described by Anurag Pathak, who gives readers a motivational narrative of perseverance and accomplishment in the face of adversity.

Manoj sharma 12th fail book pdf

The main character in “Twelfth Fail,” Manoj Kumar Sharma, offers his viewpoint on academic performance and its significance in his life. He adds that he never let his academic performance limit or define him throughout his time in school. He didn’t obsess over figures; instead, he concentrated on developing his character and resiliency so that failures wouldn’t stop him from achieving his objectives. The life of Manoj Kumar Sharma serves as an important reminder that one’s value and success are not just based on academic accomplishments but also on the tenacity and fortitude one shows in the face of difficulties.

12th Fail Book Summary in Hindi

Manoj Kumar Sharma started his quest to get ready for the UPSC Civil Services Exam after earning his Ph.D. He experienced some early disappointments, but he didn’t let that stop him from continuing his efforts. His perseverance and hard effort paid off on his fourth try, as he earned a remarkable all-India rank of 121. His family felt tremendous pride as well as personal fulfillment from this amazing feat. The life of Manoj Kumar Sharma is a tribute to the strength of tenacity and willpower, encouraging people to follow their goals tenaciously and succeed in spite of all obstacles.[12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi ]

Manoj Kumar Sharma’s path to become an IPS

Manoj Kumar Sharma, a native of Morena, Madhya Pradesh, started off as a typical student who frequently received mediocre grades. This was mirrored in his academic success, which led to his receiving a third division in the tenth standard. Unfortunately, he experienced even more heartbreak when, with the exception of Hindi, he failed the 12th exams. He even shared an auto-rickshaw with his brother to help support himself.

On a tragic day, he and his brother were stopped by police while operating an auto-rickshaw. Manoj had an epiphany as a result of this encounter. To fix the problem and release the auto-rickshaw, he considered going to the Sub-Divisional Magistrate (SDM). Even though he lacked the bravery to discuss the auto-related issue with the SDM, he was able to find the strength to ask about the steps necessary to become an SDM.

12th Fail Book Pdf Download :- Download Now

For Manoj, this chat had a profound effect. He took the definite choice to seek a career in the public services after it sowed the germ of aspiration in his heart. He set his eyes on attaining his objective of becoming an SDM since he was determined to change his course.

Manoj Kumar Sharma discovered himself falling in love with a girl in his 12th grade. He wanted to tell her how he felt, but he was afraid of sorrow and unrequited love. But as time passed, he finally worked up the nerve to ask the girl to marry him, vowing to make everything right if she said yes. Thankfully, his love was returned, and their romance flourished.

Manoj’s partner, Shraddha, offered unflinching support while he studied for the UPSC examinations. His path to becoming an IPS officer was significantly aided by her support and understanding. Manoj and Shraddha eventually got married and started a life as a married couple.

Shraddha, Manoj’s wife, has made significant strides as an officer in the Indian Revenue Service in the present, demonstrating the couple’s shared dedication to public service. As they negotiate their professional and personal lives together, their relationship and mutual support serve as a source of inspiration and strength for one another.[Manoj sharma 12th fail book pdf]

On Google Drive, the PDF version of the book “Twelfth Fail” is kindly made accessible without charge to all readers. It is the inspiring tale of a young man from a remote hamlet who succeeded in realizing his ambition of becoming an IPS officer by overcoming many challenges. The story highlights the inevitableness of failure on the road to greatness, emphasizing the idea that real achievement frequently appears after going through several failures. Readers can learn important lessons and find inspiration by reading this book’s pages, realizing that failure is a necessary step on the path to great accomplishments. So take advantage of the chance and delight in the motivational story of tenacity and success that is waiting for you.

The development of the light bulb by Thomas Alva Edison is evidence that great skill is not measured by a single triumph but rather by the ability to accept and grow from many mistakes. Before making his breakthrough, Edison had several setbacks, highlighting the need of tenacity and gaining knowledge from each misstep.

A notable illustration of resilience is Tenzing Norgay’s unwavering goal of summiting Mount Everest. He had failed seven times before, but he would not concede defeat. He eventually succeeded, becoming a renowned climber, thanks to his unyielding resolve and consistent efforts.[12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi ]

Former Indian President APJ Abdul Kalam was disappointed when his country’s maiden launch, SLV 3, failed and plummeted into the ocean shortly after takeoff. Kalam did not allow this setback stop him, though. Instead, he channeled his tenacity and toiled diligently for just two years to launch PSLV, India’s first successful domestic satellite launch vehicle. This triumph demonstrated Kalam’s unwavering passion and resolve while also bringing honor to India.

These instances highlight the value of accepting failure as a necessary step on the path to achievement. They place a strong emphasis on the value of resiliency, tenacity, and the readiness to learn from failure in order to accomplish great successes and leave a lasting impression on the world.[12th Fail Book Pdf Download Hindi ]

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